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Things You Need To Know About Investing In The Cannabis Industry

Everyone is looking to profit from a cannabis investment these days, and for good reason. Cannabis legalization has spread across multiple states in recent years, providing investors with a new alternative asset class to invest in. This trend appears to be intensifying in the coming months, making reliable cannabis investment a distinct possibility. Investing in cannabis-related companies has...

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Major Challenges Faced By Cannabis Business Owners

Over the past couple of years, the cannabis industry has burgeoned in the wake of the expanding legalization and a growing abundance of capital from venture capital firms and other investors. While the majority of the states have legalized medical use of cannabis, Maryland and Missouri became the latest states to legalize recreational use of the plant as of November 2022. With that, a total of...

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Sacramento Cannabis Market On The Rise Thanks To Rainbow Realty’s $20M Loan, Here’s What Happened

Rainbow Realty Group, LLC and its affiliates announced the closing of a loan cross-collateralized by 9 properties in Sacramento, CA. “At the properties, there are 13 tenants, of which 12 are licensed, cannabis operators. License types include 3 operating dispensaries, 2 dispensaries in development, 2 cultivators, 2 manufacturers, 2 delivery businesses, and a micro business,” reads a press...

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Meet The Company Offering Flexible Financing Options to Help Grow Cannabis Businesses Across the Country

Kyle Shenfeld, President of Rainbow Realty Group was a guest speaker at Benzinga’s Cannabis Capital Conference on April 21, 2022. Rainbow Realty is a leading real estate investment firm with years of experience in the cannabis real estate market. Through sale-leaseback agreements and mortgages, Rainbow Realty fills a glaring gap in the cannabis space by offering flexible financing options in an...

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