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Rainbow Realty Is Saving Cannabis Businesses with Low-Cost Financial and Real Estate Support

One of the main bottlenecks to the growth of the cannabis industry is access to capital. Several businesses in the space have bemoaned the unleveled playing field regarding access to money to grow their businesses. Partly because of the lack of legislative frameworks to support the cannabis industry, businesses can't borrow at the favorable rates at which traditional banks lend to non-cannabis...

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Cannabis Specialty Finance Panel

In the latest episode of Cannabis Unlocked, we've assembled an all-star panel of cannabis specialty finance experts. The panel includes experts from equipment finance (David Kivitz - CEO of XS Financial), real estate (Kyle Shenfeld - President of Rainbow Realty Group), working capital finance (Ting Hu - Director of Finance at Nabis Capital) and venture capital (Jordan Youkilis - Founding Partner...

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Exclusive: Cannabis Fund Rainbow Realty Raises $47M, Including $10M From CrowdStreet

Rainbow Realty Group (RRG), a real estate investment firm focused on the U.S. cannabis industry, has completed a $47 million fundraise, Benzinga has learned. Of that total, $10 million was raised from nearly 200 individual investors via CrowdStreet, a real estate investing online marketplace. The New York-based firm assures this is the first-ever commercial real estate loan and equity investment...

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